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Armasight Frontsniper CO-MR Gen 2+ 2e hands


Armasight CO-MR-HDi Gen 2+ Exportable Night Vision Clip-On System High Definition Description

Armasight’s CO-MR series are the pinnacle of night vision clip on technology; these night vision scopes easily clip on to an existing daytime scope with absolutely no rezeroing required, thus making these scopes as efficient and time saving as they are effective on the field. Regardless of which model in the CO-MR series you choose, relying on Armasight’s proven technology is a smart decision.
This Armasight CO-MR-HDi Generation 2+ scope can easily attach to any daytime scope with a magnification of up to 10x. Do you know what that means? Quite simply, that the Armasight CO-MR can be extremely functional in super dark, long range scenarios. If you need a scope that won’t let you down on field missions that involve long range work, this simple to use, lightweight clip on scope is a brilliant choice.


The Armasight CO-MR-HDi is an easy to operate scope, and as is typical with Armasight technology, it is very simple and easy to learn how to use. New to night vision? No worries, Armasight builds its technology to be usable for even complete beginners. On the other hand, law enforcement professionals and even military personnel often choose to rely on Armasight’s night vision clip on scopes, because of the range of functionality that they offer and the user friendly, durable, and lightweight design.
On the technical side of things, this scope offers a Generation 2+ optical image intensifier and can be easily mounted to any scope with a magnification of 10x or lower. It offers a Field of View of 12.6 degrees.

The entire model that you are looking at weights a mere pound and a half – that means you can easily carry this as part of your night time setup without having to worry about it slowing you down. Lightweight and durable devices have always been part of Armasight’s signature design, and the Armasight CO-MR-HDi

Betreft een 2e hands product, werkt prima, inclusief 850 nm ledstraler en 62 mm snelklem, past op 56 richtkijkers.
Consignatie verkoop

Het is verboden kijkers met elektronische beeldversterking en warmtebeeld te exporteren naar landen buiten de EU.


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